Storytelling builds bridges, even between people who have not previously found comfortable and productive ways to connect.
Sitting in a circle, looking at one another, and practicing the art of listening without judgment is THE way to create hope.

Traditionally, the storyteller was the person in the community who raised three questions for the group to consider: Who are we? Why are we here? And How shall we live? Elaine brings people together in a circle to listen to a few of her stories and then she guides the group in sharing their own stories with each other. It is fun! It is a learning experience. It is an experience of authenticity for all who participate.

Stories invite others to listen with respect and empathy. Stories invite us to imagine. We learn to trust our own truth and the truth that others have to share by valuing time spent in storytelling.


The healing and inspiring story circle invites participants to share simple stories like “The Story of Your Name,” which allows participants to tell who chose their given name, what it meant to the chooser and if the name with its meaning still fits them today. Another story that encourages humor and connection is “The Story My Mother Loves/Loved to Tell About Me.”


Each story builds on the connection made by the previous story and strengthens the group bond. When we risk sharing our stories with each other, we are rewarded with more understanding and patience for each other. Storytelling has the power to bring peace and safety wherever people are brave enough to give it a chance.

  • Elaine inspires people to improve their relationships and to build healthy communities. She is always engaging and often life-changing. Funny, friendly, insightful, Elaine’s storytelling sessions have motivated me to become a more trusting and generous person.

    Lisa Bacon
    Estimator, Sturgeon Electric, Henderson, CO
  • Elaine Blanchard is the most gifted storyteller I have ever known. She has rare talents that she can use to make us laugh or cry or just sit in awed silence. I am grateful that she is using those talents to lead others to deeper awareness and to stronger commitments.

    Dr. Marsha Walton Ph.D
    Professor of Psychology, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN
  • If a person were to ask God for advice on how to be a storyteller, God would say, You’re barking up the wrong tree. Go ask Elaine Blanchard.

    Rev. Dr. Michael Schiefelbein,
    Pastor, College Avenue Congregational Church, Modesto, CA
  • “The greatest power of Elaine’s gift comes after the story concludes as the spell she has cast continues to resonate in my heart and mind.

    Rob Rosenthal
    Professional Airline Pilot, Memphis, TN
  • I get the feeling that Elaine has probed the depths of the human experience and has come up bubbling with optimism and hope. I would travel a long way to bask in the wisdom and charm of this most delightful teller of tales and weaver of dreams.

    Rev. Dr. Brooks Ramsey
    Individual and Family Therapist, Washington DC
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